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Greenlight isn't just about finding a job; it's where accomplished developers meet their match in the startup world. We pair you with Silicon Valley's pioneers, vetting each client as we vet the developers. This means you’ll get to work with well-funded startups, knowledgeable founders, and forward-thinking products.


We leverage leading technology business accelerators to access a unique pool of the world’s best startups. These exclusive opportunities are not available anywhere else.


Build things that fuel your passion for innovation, product development, and taking ownership — without being hindered by legacy code or bureaucratic slowdowns.

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Top-of-the-Market Salaries in USD

Your expertise and dedication deserve outstanding recognition, and at Greenlight, we ensure that your compensation reflects just that. No matter where you are located, you'll earn top-of-the-market salaries in USD, providing you with financial security and the freedom to enjoy a lifestyle you love, while doing the work you're passionate about.

Remote Lifestyle

Full Remote

In today's world, the best work isn't tied to relocation, commuting, or adhering to a 9-to-5 schedule. We prioritize the quality of results over the hours you spend in front of your monitor, which means no time tracking. Embrace the freedom to design your ideal work environment, manage your schedule to maximize productivity.

Self Development

A Community
of Elite Developers

Joining our invitation-only community means more than just finding great projects; it means becoming part of an exclusive community of high-performing, seasoned developers. Our community is a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge sharing, continuous learning, and mutual growth.

The Greenlight Developer: A Profile

At Greenlight we curate an invitation-only community for developers who are more than just coders. We're seeking those with a knack for product development, a passion for working in startup environments, and a drive to innovate with advanced technologies.

Do You Know a Developer Ideal for Greenlight?

Refer them today! If they join our community and start their first project, you'll receive a $250 USD bonus as a token of our appreciation.


Questions? Answers.

Our opportunities are 100% remote, so you don’t need to relocate and can work from your home country.

Yes, the opportunities at Greenlight are contractual. However, we focus on creating long-term and full-time engagements - most of them last approximately 9 to 18 months.

Yes. Because we hire you as a contractor, you’ll need to take care of your own taxes. Please make sure your preferred rate includes the taxes you’re entitled to in your place of origin.

Greenlight is an invite-only network, yet open for application to secure an exclusive spot.

  1. Apply: Complete the application form and attach your CV. You'll have the option to record a brief pre-interview video and add it to your application. While this step isn't mandatory, we highly recommend it for a quicker selection process and higher chances of matching for the opportunity.
  2. Review & Feedback: Our team will diligently review your submitted materials and provide timely feedback.
  3. Matching: A Matching Expert from Greenlight will contact you with curated job opportunities that align with your proficiencies and professional history.
  4. Screening: If an opportunity interests you, you'll proceed to our Screening process. This typically includes a pre-interview, technical assessment, and a client interview, with specific stages tailored to each project's needs.
  5. Offer & Onboarding: Upon successful screening, you'll receive a job offer. Following acceptance, you'll sign the Contractor Agreement to formalize your engagement.

We look forward to facilitating your journey to a fitting role with high-caliber startups.


You will get paid once a month by the account of your choice (Payoneer, Wise, etc).

Since the nature of our projects is contractual, sick leaves and national days off won’t be paid. However, we remain attentive to your needs and will be ready to discuss the benefits of the particular projects.

We connect you with the coolest start-ups (yes, we have pre-vetting for the customers as well!) to make sure you’re happy with your work.